Saturday, November 6, 2010

The return of the Queen

To say things have been crazy since our move is an understatement. Without a little crazy life is just not worth living and we have had enough for the year. The kids are all in school and we arwe finally on a house, its much smaller then our last but its also less than half the rent wish has been a blessig. We have a vehicle and my husband started his new job yestersay. We have been blessed with loads of help from our family and believe me we are truly grateful. As we comtinue on this journey we know that at some point life we again feel normal and things will be more settled. I am happy to be here no matter how difficult it was to get here or how complicated things could and have gotten and will get. I hope to be able to post more and get back into my regular schedule. Well it time to get started on laundry. Looking forward to my normal average life.

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