Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A simply kind of life

Well in only a few weeks my children will be embarking on school and I will be embarking on a crazy schedule.  My oldest daughter has already started school,she is attending a two week boot camp for all work study students.  It is giving me the chance to get the little girls ready for the early schedule.  I myself am working out all the bugs since this year I will have early days thanks to my daughters work schedule and it will also be my longest day.  I plan on having all items prepared in advance or my life might fall apart.  I owe my new lease on life to flylady, which as really been helping me get into a routine.  I have had a full week of keeping a clean sink at nigh, now I am working on de-cluttering my house in anticipation of the new school year. 

The plan for this year involves two different schools with two similar schedules.  I will be the taxi (chauffeur) for my girls and I will be the activities directory for the two little ones at home.  I have loads of things to print our for the pre k set, not sure what to do with the baby yet.  I hope to get a sitter in at least twice a week to help me keep up with my school work. I failed a class this semester, trying to be super mom, super student, and super wife, with no real game plan.  I hope that I can accomplish all that I have set forth and I know that staying on task will not be easy.

Now before I get in the bed I have a sink to polish, clothes to set out and electronics to put on the charger so that I am ready to go in the morning. 

GOAL:  Building habits that will make my life easier and learning that I can not do everything and still be sane.

What is the beginning of the school year bringing into your life?
Are you ready for the kids to go back to school and your life to get crazy again?
What habits have you had to learn since becoming a mom?

Sunday, July 17, 2011

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No closer to clean. Day 10

Well its been a while since I started my mission to clean my house and I must say that on the first 2 days I did make great progress.  Now, with that being said I have had some major set backs.  Our air conoditionor is out and that leaves us with a window unit until our landlord decides to get off his ass and pay to have  new unit installed, which puts my husband in the living room sleeping on the couch. It wouldn't  be so bad, but the heat index is crazy right now and until the temperatures go down we have to do what we have to do.   It has made it impossible for me to do any cleaning during the day because if I make any noise he is one seriously grumpy man.  Even cleaning the kitchen is difficult if I cant make any freaking noise.  I am not sure how I am going to get this house together as long as he is on my couch.  Right now I am searching the classified for used window units to put in the bed room so I can get him off my couch and get back on my cleaning band wagon. help

I am glad to report that I did get the main bathroom together and the kids room are all unpacked and in order.  Now for the little girls room, I made an executive decision that they no longer have toys in their room.  I have moved all the toys to the den and they are responsible for cleaning it.  I have implemented the" surprise clean" when they hear me play a particular song on my ipad they know its time to clean up whatever mess they have made.  So far so good

My kitchen is in order, but with my fridge in an odd spot it looks a little strange having a large hole where the fridge should be.  My new stove was ordered and will be here on the 27, I am so excited to see how it all comes togehter once the stove is in.

I am not sure I will be able to pull it all off in 30 days but It's still a work in progress.  Fly lady has been a big help in helping me stay on top of the little things before they become big things.


Lets see how things go this week, wish me luck

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

30 days to clean

As I sit at this computer I wonder to myself, why is my house such a mess?  It's not from lack of trying to clean, but I feel that my system is very flawed.  I have an average size family in my view, we have an average size house, but the amount of work to keep it clean seems to be increasing.  My husband believes that I need to be firm and put my foot down and make the children more responsible.  I tend to agree but don't really know where to start, I feel like a tiny ship about to be swallowed by the ocean. 
I have loads of laundry, loads of dishes, and loads of unpacking to get done, but I have to admit I just can't seem to get in a good place to accomplish anything.  I recently notice that I tend to move from room to room while I clean, bad habit and a bit distracting.  I also notice that once I leave a room and comeback I often forget what I was doing.  I have not required much accountability from my children and that has to change because it's affecting my ability to do my school work as well as other house work.  In no way to I want to have a perfect home, but I would like to be know that if someone stops by that they can sit on my couch and also use my bathroom. 
So this week my goal is to work on my inability to finish a project, to stay in one room at a time and to allow for distractions (1 year olds are notorious distractions).  My largest and most difficult is to make the children more accountable without turning into the crazy lady who yells at them a while they clean.  Lets see how this all goes because with a new house comes different responsibilities and so new challenges.  I am still at a lost as to what to do with my pantry, I think I might give that job to my teenager on grocery day. 
I will be making a list of chores that the children will be responsible for and I will also be making a list for my hubby.  Yes, he works 12 hours but he also needs to do a few things to help our household run smoothly.  My goal is to have a better household in 30 days and be more prepared for when school starts in August. 
30 days to go and I will try to journal my struggle of keeping my sanity and learning to keep my house in order.  I will try to post photos of how the mess has taken over my house and I havent even been her for a week yet, so embarrassing. 
Ready Set Go
PS on the advice of a friend I have joined flylady and I hope that they will be a source of motivation and support during the time of change. 
aka Jayde N

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