Monday, June 20, 2011

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Surviving Stay-at-Home Motherwood: A How To!  - ad
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What is your Problem?

What is your problem?  I think I asked that question 1000 times these weekend to my kids, and now I am asking you.  This week I have read a lot of "rants" about everything from Public Assistance to Animal Lovers, it was a strange week. 

I find myself wanting to know what is getting under your skin?  I myself have a few issues that I would love to rant about but I just haven't given myself the licence to sit down and vent.  I know that people feel better once they vent, but do you feel better if you publicly vent and your dislike or anger is there for people to see even months later?

Would you post your rant if you knew it would hurt someone?  Would you post a rant that would be considered racist, sexist, or just not politically correct.

I want to know how you feel so lets get the dialogue started and maybe some of my rants will be some of your rants and we can vent together. 

Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Re Begining

This has been the summer of new beginnings for all in my house.  This week my teenager got her summer packets for school, they are for Pre Cal, AP History, and AP World History.  She is actually very excited and although I have to buy actual books (no kindle versions allowed) I am also excited to see her read a few classic.  My husband, has returned to the world of the working and although the 12 hour shifts are not easy to deal with for either of us we are glad to have a bigger income supporting our family.  I have put in my two weeks notice, I am currently training someone to take over my job and believe me I am relieved, excited and glad that my job is coming to an end. 

My husband and I have done the math over and over again and it just doesn't add up because of childcare, gas, and of course the manic schedules that we have. Just running our house on an average day is crazy, but add in doctors appointments, school plays, dropping off and picking up from school, grocery shopping, and of course many other thing that are impossible to do when I am not here.  Unlike many people, I do not have a mother or a mother in law available to watch the children or shuttle them back and forth for me. 
We are also officially moving next weekend and that in itself is another set of issue that need me at home to deal with.  I am at this moment shopping for school uniforms for the 3 girls who will be attending private school next year and hoping to have all of it done weeks before school starts so that I can start on Christmas shopping. 

I have a large family, I am the mother of many children, and I have to accept and embrace that my life is always in mid spin, in a tornado of chaos and always noisy.  I love the insanity that is our life and although I will miss the income, I know that its a benefit for me and a blessing that I will be able to spend this time with my children. 

Now, if I could just get back into a good rhythm with my school work all would be right with the world. 

Are you enjoying your summer?
What did you get your husband for Father's Day

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Hot and Crazy

The past few months have been......well lets just say crazy.  We spend two weeks in a shelter due to the flooding in Memphis and us no being able to get to our home.  We had a vehicle die on us in route to work, our other vehicle has decided to act crazy still not sure whats wrong with it.  School has been out for a few weeks now, except my teenager who has been lazy and still has 4 test to take for optional school. Our little ones both graduated from PreK and Kindergarten, which I missed because I could not get out of work.  Its been one of those summers where you wish you were back in elementary school when your biggest worry was what to do all day.  I am not feeling the summer love at this moment and I am not sure I am going to.  We are planing a move on July the first and this time we hope to stay for at least 2 years where ever we are going, we are only moving houses, but I feel like I have moved 20 times in the last year.  The littlest boy has learned to crawl and pulls up which has brought about a new set of challenges and I have to say a sadness that he is getting older.  All in all it really hasn't been that bad and I have to say that some good things have come out of it.  Our teen was accepted to Catholic High and our little ones will be attending De La Salle elementary school next year.  My husband finally got a job and now that means I can come back home and return to my SAHM status.  I am currently looking for a work at home opportunity or business so I can contribute to our income, but I will not be holding my breath.  I got back into school and although it took sometime to get in my grove I think I will pull at least a B in both classes.  I am looking forward to all the craziness of the summer ending and looking forward to all the chaos of school time. 
Now, if only the daily temp could drop about 10 degrees this summer just might be OK after all.

Alright, how has your summer been so far?

Thursday, June 2, 2011

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