Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Bells will be Ringin

Summer is Over, where did it go?

School Officially started for us the week of Aug 15.  It has been a real adventure getting back into the grove of waking up early in the morning.  With my new job I am only able to run them to school in the morning and Daddy handles the rest of the running around while I am in my office hard at work.  The little girls are working on their 1st full week of school and since they are returning to the same school they attended last year they are all good.  My oldest has had a few issue here and there but mostly with scheduling or should I say over scheduling herself.  She decided to join the Volleyball team  this year on top of being on the Knowledge bowl team, house captain, and oh yes there is her academic schedule to deal with on top of looking for colleges.  Its been a really storm of paperwork and last minute supply runs but all in all so far so good.  My husband and I decided to keep the 4 year old home one last year and skip preschool, she has enough social skills already.  We have registered her and our 2 year old son for and they both love it.  I feel like we could save the money for her tuition this year and apply it to her tuition next year.  It also gives my husband some time to spend with her before she heads off to school next year.

This years biggest challenge is with my husband being home full time and me working full time.  He is going to have to deal with the wacky schedules and the never ending phone calls from teachers, coaches, and school nurses.  He will also be handing the doctors appointments for our ADHD child and its a little nerve racking but I am trying to let him handle things in his own way.  Working from home does allow me to assist in the housework every morning before i hit the phones and it also allows me to have lunch and dinner with them.  It has also allowed me to load and unload the washer/dryer while on break.  Also starting in September on top of working I will also be retuning to school full time to finally finish my BA, with my husband home I should not have any excuse as to why I can not finish.  So with another school year ahead of us we are prepared to handle what ever comes our way and hopefully this year things will run a little smother now that I finally have some help.

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