Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy!

This weekend was relaxed and much needed after such a hectic week.  Unfortunately it was short lived as my grandmother was rushed to the hospital Sunday morning.  She suffered a stroke on her right side and we are not sure what the full extent of the damage is or will be.  It was also my mothers birthday this weekend and in all the confusion I forgot to wish her a happy birthday or even acknowledge it.  This week also has started off with a bang, our daughter is trying for catholic high school this means several steps after the applications and we are now on step 3.  We have a family interview tonight, but only have transportation for two people right now, which is very bad since I have a family of 7.  I am crossing my fingers and praying to all that this week will get better and go a lot smoother then last week.  So ready, set, GO!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

The road less traveled

Since my daughter (L2) was born she has been special.  Not just in the normal way that people believe their children to be special, but I could see that she was different.  L2 was a patient child from the moment she was born up until age 2.  I watched her do little things that set her apart from other 2 year old and from how her sibling reacted to things.  At first I believed it to be my imagination, but after a few months I realized something was going on with my little girl and I did not know what it was.  To this day I am not sure what she had and while we are going through the process of diagnosis I hope that a simple explanation awaits us.  While we wait I can only wonder if I have a special needs child how will my family handle it, how will she handle it, how will I handle it and how will my husband handle it. 
During the past few years it has not been easy to get my husband to see that our daughter is; shall we say different.  She is currently in Pre-K and having a very difficult time with her conduct, she has been dismissed early every day the last two weeks.  At this point I can only wait for the clinic to schedule us and get all the testing done, but my husband believes this to be in vain.  His family does not believe that their is any issue that yelling and spanking can not fix or that this issue is serious enough to require outside help.  I am at the end of my patients with him, but I am trying to give him the time to find his way to the conclusion that I am at. 
Our daughter requires help and we require help in order to help her deal with her issues.  I know that I am not putting the cart before the horse as my husband suggest, I am sure that she has something going on and that what ever it takes I will be there. 
As we go forward I hope that he can swallow his pride and put aside whatever issues he has with having a special needs child so that we can move forward together as a family and give our child the help she so deserves.

Friday, April 1, 2011

20lbs and 20 years

This year is a big year for me, it contains my 20 year high school reunion (I am that old) and my son will be turning 20.  Its also the year that I decided to get a little closer to the weight I was in high school.  My husband and I have officially decided that we are done having children so now that my body is truly mine I feel the need to make some much needed changes.  I hope to document my success on this blog, this is the year of positive thinking and I am looking forward to being a few sizes smaller.

20lbs is a big deal, but 20 years is even bigger.  Its been a long time since I was in high school and although I do have many fond memories I would not go back for all the money in the world.  Looking back at those high school years and thinking of all the friendships that have come and gone have made me a little sad.  I will not be able to attend my high school reunion due to prior obligations but I look forward to listening to the many stories old friends will have to share once the reunion is over.  Here is to another 20 years and being able to keep off the 20lbs.

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