Monday, October 26, 2009

Only in my World

Well this was the second week of classes for me and I have to say that I was on the money the first week except that I missed my first seminar for my Disease class. I am unfortunately not on the ball this second week. I have not been able to read and I still have a quiz and workbook page that I have to do. There has been a huge lack of time and sleep in the last few days and I am now a walking zombie. I have one more day to get my act together so tonight the children will sleep or I will have to commit some kind of crime. Tuesday is another day, let us pray that I will be able to get all of my house work and home work done in a 24 hour

Monday, October 19, 2009

Lay it all away

This week I was informed by a friend that there is layaway online for Kmart and Sears. I have to say that I was very excited about the entire idea. I went on Kmart immediately and went shopping, in my hast I did not read the information on layaway very carefully and ended up with most of the items that I wanted not being eligible. I decided to head over to Sears and found a large amount of items that I wanted and needed on layaway. I have to say if you want more bang for your buck, go to Sears it has a larger quantity of things that will be able to be placed in layaway. I say go as early as you can and put a large deposit down if you can. I found a Kitchen Aid mixer that I have been in love with for years on the list and I have vowed to place it on Layaway if I get this job I am interviewing for in the next month. Its a great option that they have provided for us and I hope that other use it to encourage the stores to keep it. I also want to let you know to please read the information on the website and note that this layaway is for 8 weeks and will need to be picked up. Good luck to all and happy shopping for the Holidays.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Three little pigs

I have three little girls and you would think by the amount of food that they eat that I have six little pigs. Its amazing how much these little piglets eat. We have breakfast, second breakfast, lunch, sub lunch, and of course dinner, dinner part 2 and dessert. I have purchased so many bananas in the last few weeks the people at the store think I have a Gorilla at the house. Its not just food, we had to put them on a schedule for juice, milk and water to make sure they are not getting too much to drink. I don't remember my other kids eating this much when they were little and I don't remember them being so picky either.
My mother in law said that they are just like their dad with hollow feet and legs and they just don't ever get full. I hope the day will come when they will finally get full, but I don't hold much hope since their father is not often full either.
Well during the writing of this post all three kids begged for food several times, not to my surprise. Off to fix pre-dinner for the girls, maybe I will order them a extra large pizza, buffalo wings, and some bread sticks and hopefully that will hold them for an hour until dinner is done.

oink, oink, oink

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Did you get your WIC?

I think one of the best programs for families is the WIC program. It’s a program that was very helpful to me in my life and I always recommend it to people. It is not just a program for low income families but its here to make sure that people get the proper diets. I am especially pleases with the changes that have recently been made to the programs and vouchers.
They are now offering vouchers that will help to pay for fruits and vegetable which is one of the main things that lack in the diets of children. It is also offering whole grains, such as wheat breads, brown rice. They have also decided to add tofu and soy milk to allow those with dietary issues or cultural difference to use the program. WIC is also a very big supporter of breastfeeding mothers and they offer support and counseling for those who choose to do so. I hope that all who think that they might be eligible apply this is a wonderful program that can benefit not just you but also your children. Check out the website and see if it’s something that can benefit you and your family.

Crunch Time

Once again it’s a little after 5 in the afternoon and I am scrambling do get dinner cooked and on the table. It’s the same thing almost every day, I have no idea what to cook and then it’s a mad dash to get something on the table by 6:30. I am one of the many women who want to be organized and on the ball when it comes to cooking for her family. I am instead one of the many who has no idea whets for dinner until she is done cooking. I make a plan each week of the meals that I am going to cook; I shop for said ingredients and even put a calendar on the fridge. It all seems so wonderful on Sunday, but by Tuesday my plans have gone out the window. In my defense it’s my job to cook everyday and to discover or make up as my kids call it some sort of breakfast, lunch, and dinner and it tends to burn a person out. I wish that my husband would have to deal with this kind of pressure on a daily basis, but his job is to wonder around and ask questions like; what’s for dinner, and didn't we have chicken yesterday? It’s all more than any sane women can or should have to handle. As I type this post, my ground beef is in the oven cooking and my baked ziti dish will only take a few moments to toss together and then it will spend a lovely 15 minutes in the oven becoming the amazing dinner that all will love. Every day the same exact thing and by now you would think that I would learn to be a more plan a head kind of women, oh well maybe in my next life.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Christmas blues

Its weeks away, but we have started our christmas shopping for the kids. This year is going to be a slim christmas for us because of the economy and we have decided to do what we can to make it special for each child. The little children will not notice the change, but the teens will. my husband and I utilized elayaway this year it was a real life saver that I heard about over a year ago. It has allowed us to get my daughters her big gife and also my sons without breaking the bank. It gave us the ability to pay montly on the item and they will be sent to the house in the next few weeks. We also decided to take advantage of lawaway at kmart as well as their christmas club card. We will not be able to put a lot on this year but we will have a huge amount my next christmas. They also have one for sears that we are considering so that we have more options. It might be a smaller christmas, but thanks to a few different programs we are able to get the items they want and also be able to make them a price that we could afford.

Rain, Rain...Go away

Today was the first day of serious rain for us here in the central valley. It was a blustery, windy, cool, and damp day. It was mommy & me day for myself and L2 and for the first time we couldn't walk to school. It was in a lot of ways sad for me because I really enjoy my little walk with my 3 year old. We talk about all sorts of things and play games and sing songs, its just our special time. Its the little time that I have with each kid that makes each day special, so I made time for her in another way. We sat down in the evening and watched two shows together and song all the songs with the shows. It was fun and I really think she still got her special time. Having 5 kids makes it difficult to have one on one time with each, but I remember when I had two it was still not always easy. In making a little special time each day for each child it keeps me close to them.

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