Thursday, October 15, 2009

Did you get your WIC?

I think one of the best programs for families is the WIC program. It’s a program that was very helpful to me in my life and I always recommend it to people. It is not just a program for low income families but its here to make sure that people get the proper diets. I am especially pleases with the changes that have recently been made to the programs and vouchers.
They are now offering vouchers that will help to pay for fruits and vegetable which is one of the main things that lack in the diets of children. It is also offering whole grains, such as wheat breads, brown rice. They have also decided to add tofu and soy milk to allow those with dietary issues or cultural difference to use the program. WIC is also a very big supporter of breastfeeding mothers and they offer support and counseling for those who choose to do so. I hope that all who think that they might be eligible apply this is a wonderful program that can benefit not just you but also your children. Check out the website and see if it’s something that can benefit you and your family.

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