Sunday, October 18, 2009

Three little pigs

I have three little girls and you would think by the amount of food that they eat that I have six little pigs. Its amazing how much these little piglets eat. We have breakfast, second breakfast, lunch, sub lunch, and of course dinner, dinner part 2 and dessert. I have purchased so many bananas in the last few weeks the people at the store think I have a Gorilla at the house. Its not just food, we had to put them on a schedule for juice, milk and water to make sure they are not getting too much to drink. I don't remember my other kids eating this much when they were little and I don't remember them being so picky either.
My mother in law said that they are just like their dad with hollow feet and legs and they just don't ever get full. I hope the day will come when they will finally get full, but I don't hold much hope since their father is not often full either.
Well during the writing of this post all three kids begged for food several times, not to my surprise. Off to fix pre-dinner for the girls, maybe I will order them a extra large pizza, buffalo wings, and some bread sticks and hopefully that will hold them for an hour until dinner is done.

oink, oink, oink

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