Thursday, October 15, 2009

Crunch Time

Once again it’s a little after 5 in the afternoon and I am scrambling do get dinner cooked and on the table. It’s the same thing almost every day, I have no idea what to cook and then it’s a mad dash to get something on the table by 6:30. I am one of the many women who want to be organized and on the ball when it comes to cooking for her family. I am instead one of the many who has no idea whets for dinner until she is done cooking. I make a plan each week of the meals that I am going to cook; I shop for said ingredients and even put a calendar on the fridge. It all seems so wonderful on Sunday, but by Tuesday my plans have gone out the window. In my defense it’s my job to cook everyday and to discover or make up as my kids call it some sort of breakfast, lunch, and dinner and it tends to burn a person out. I wish that my husband would have to deal with this kind of pressure on a daily basis, but his job is to wonder around and ask questions like; what’s for dinner, and didn't we have chicken yesterday? It’s all more than any sane women can or should have to handle. As I type this post, my ground beef is in the oven cooking and my baked ziti dish will only take a few moments to toss together and then it will spend a lovely 15 minutes in the oven becoming the amazing dinner that all will love. Every day the same exact thing and by now you would think that I would learn to be a more plan a head kind of women, oh well maybe in my next life.

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