Monday, October 19, 2009

Lay it all away

This week I was informed by a friend that there is layaway online for Kmart and Sears. I have to say that I was very excited about the entire idea. I went on Kmart immediately and went shopping, in my hast I did not read the information on layaway very carefully and ended up with most of the items that I wanted not being eligible. I decided to head over to Sears and found a large amount of items that I wanted and needed on layaway. I have to say if you want more bang for your buck, go to Sears it has a larger quantity of things that will be able to be placed in layaway. I say go as early as you can and put a large deposit down if you can. I found a Kitchen Aid mixer that I have been in love with for years on the list and I have vowed to place it on Layaway if I get this job I am interviewing for in the next month. Its a great option that they have provided for us and I hope that other use it to encourage the stores to keep it. I also want to let you know to please read the information on the website and note that this layaway is for 8 weeks and will need to be picked up. Good luck to all and happy shopping for the Holidays.

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