Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Christmas blues

Its weeks away, but we have started our christmas shopping for the kids. This year is going to be a slim christmas for us because of the economy and we have decided to do what we can to make it special for each child. The little children will not notice the change, but the teens will. my husband and I utilized elayaway this year it was a real life saver that I heard about over a year ago. It has allowed us to get my daughters her big gife and also my sons without breaking the bank. It gave us the ability to pay montly on the item and they will be sent to the house in the next few weeks. We also decided to take advantage of lawaway at kmart as well as their christmas club card. We will not be able to put a lot on this year but we will have a huge amount my next christmas. They also have one for sears that we are considering so that we have more options. It might be a smaller christmas, but thanks to a few different programs we are able to get the items they want and also be able to make them a price that we could afford.

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