Saturday, March 12, 2011

Birthday Wishes and iPad 2 dreams

First let me start off by saying my birthday was a really good day for me, which is not the norm for me so I started the day after on a high note.  This year I had dreams of a big gift in mind, thanks to our tax return being better than expected and a promise from my hubby.  I had talked myself into the new and improved (not by much) iPad 2.  I had been willing for weeks to pay the base price and aquire the much wanted item and was given the thumbs up by both my husband and my children.  It took a lot for me not to talk myself out of such a large purchase and to except that sometimes being a little selfish is ok. 
The day of the launch arrived and well to make a long story short 5 stores later and I like so many others did  not go home with an iPad 2, I however discovered the great lengths my husband will go to get me what he promised.  It was a long and trying day and to say I was disappointed was well an understatment, but as I sit here I realize I am not really that sad.  My husband drove me around the city in an effort to get me my wonderful price and although we ended up having to place an order online and will have to wait some time to get it I think I learned a few things. 
Being able to spend money on myself is not easy for me and I will always somehow try to sabatoge myself, sad but true.  Wanting and needing something are two different things, but wanting something is not a bad thing.  I had to reconsile with myself that I would allow my children to use the iPad, but my husband reminded me of our childrens ability to break everything and anything.  Sharing is something you teach your children, but boundries is something they also have to learn.  I have vowed that they may use it supervised, but I will not be my usual casual self.  This is an item I really really want and allowing them to have open access to apease my guilt is stupid.  The last thing I learned was that a good husband is willing to let you be selfish and pushes you to get what you want and what you need.  Most of the time my husband will be wrong, but he does understand the concept of not allowing my guilt to override my common sense.  I look forward to my package being delivered in the next month or so. Its not the ipad itself that is important, but the fact that I was selfish and my family is still standing makes me realize that a little self love can go a long way. 

Happy 38th Birthday to ME!

On a side note, I would like to ask Apple what in the name of all that is holy are they doing.  I can not see the purpose of sending 5 iPads to each Target or Walmart store in our area and less than 100 to the Bestbuy, it was such a crazy thing to do.  We only have one apple store in our town and the line was 1000 people long, some of us have children and family members who we care for or were just no willing to stand in a line for 10 hours.  I look forward to your product arrive to my home and have offically vowed to never again go out to get an Apple product on the day it comes out.  I would rather wait the time then deal with the headache I live yesterday.  I hope in the future you send more product to our area and hope that this was not a ploy or some kind of cruel joke as person after person yesterday left store after store empty handed.

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