Monday, June 20, 2011

What is your Problem?

What is your problem?  I think I asked that question 1000 times these weekend to my kids, and now I am asking you.  This week I have read a lot of "rants" about everything from Public Assistance to Animal Lovers, it was a strange week. 

I find myself wanting to know what is getting under your skin?  I myself have a few issues that I would love to rant about but I just haven't given myself the licence to sit down and vent.  I know that people feel better once they vent, but do you feel better if you publicly vent and your dislike or anger is there for people to see even months later?

Would you post your rant if you knew it would hurt someone?  Would you post a rant that would be considered racist, sexist, or just not politically correct.

I want to know how you feel so lets get the dialogue started and maybe some of my rants will be some of your rants and we can vent together. 

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