Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A simply kind of life

Well in only a few weeks my children will be embarking on school and I will be embarking on a crazy schedule.  My oldest daughter has already started school,she is attending a two week boot camp for all work study students.  It is giving me the chance to get the little girls ready for the early schedule.  I myself am working out all the bugs since this year I will have early days thanks to my daughters work schedule and it will also be my longest day.  I plan on having all items prepared in advance or my life might fall apart.  I owe my new lease on life to flylady, which as really been helping me get into a routine.  I have had a full week of keeping a clean sink at nigh, now I am working on de-cluttering my house in anticipation of the new school year. 

The plan for this year involves two different schools with two similar schedules.  I will be the taxi (chauffeur) for my girls and I will be the activities directory for the two little ones at home.  I have loads of things to print our for the pre k set, not sure what to do with the baby yet.  I hope to get a sitter in at least twice a week to help me keep up with my school work. I failed a class this semester, trying to be super mom, super student, and super wife, with no real game plan.  I hope that I can accomplish all that I have set forth and I know that staying on task will not be easy.

Now before I get in the bed I have a sink to polish, clothes to set out and electronics to put on the charger so that I am ready to go in the morning. 

GOAL:  Building habits that will make my life easier and learning that I can not do everything and still be sane.

What is the beginning of the school year bringing into your life?
Are you ready for the kids to go back to school and your life to get crazy again?
What habits have you had to learn since becoming a mom?

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