Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Stress, Stress and did I mention Stress?!

Well this has been one serious strange couple of weeks. It turns out that I was ill most of the week before Thanksgiving and that put be so far behind and then Thanksgiving knocked me right back. I feel like I am about 5 weeks behind, I had to turn in my paper late and in both classes I have not posted to the discussion board. I found out about a week and a half ago that I am pregnant and It explained the mystery illness and why I am nausea 24/7 which makes it impossible to sit and read or even sit to write. I cant keep anything in my body and I feel like I am going insane because I have not been able to even get a good nights sleep. I have decided that I will give myself the OK to start new on Wednesday and go from there in each class, this weekend I will be writing papers for both classes. I had to break down and order a cord an battery for my laptop because I have the feeling that I will be working from bed for the next 5 weeks. I can not wait to be past this stage in my pregnancy and I also cant wait to have a small break after the classes are over. I am just wiped and burnt out right now and I am really thinking about taking a little time off to get myself together. I hope the next few weeks go a lot better then the last two did if they don't I am going to go CRAZY.

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