Sunday, April 18, 2010

How Much Time is Too Much?

Recently I was watching a show that stated that women make their own workload; they were talking about stay at home moms.  Is it true do we creates hectic schedule so that people will feel sorry for us or do we actually have busy days? 
I have to admit that a lot of times there are moments in my day when I do get to sit down and enjoy a moment or two too myself and although they are few and far between it does happen.  In a typical day, I do cook, clean, and take care of the children and that does take a lot of time but I believe that I do actually have more time then I admit to my husband and myself.  For the next few weeks I am really going to re-evaluate how much time I spend doing each chore and how much time I spend alone.  Sleeping, eating and schoolwork will not count as free time, but time on the computer and time watching TV will.  I know that with three little girls' home all day I am very busy at times and I know that I also have down time when the youngest one is napping and the oldest one is at school. 
Does this mean that my day is not hectic?  Does this mean that I do not actually do as much as I think I do?  Not sure of the answer right now, but I know that this little experiment might help me learn that I can do things more efficient or that I can do them differently.  Therefore, as of Monday I will seriously look at my daily schedule to see when I am the busiest and what things I can move around to help me produce a more productive day.

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