Monday, November 28, 2011

Yes, its that magical time of year again when my kids ask me everyday if today is Christmas. I know that there are people who love this time of year but it really is exhausting for me. No matter how much I shop, I always feel like I have forgotten someone. With every day that goes by I lose a little bit of my soul and my Christmas cheer. I use to look forward to this time with excitement and glee. Now I dread the fact that the holiday season is just around the corner. I have 2 birthdays to celebrate and then of course the birth of our savior. Its not easy to include birthdays into the holiday festivities. This year I hope to hold on to my cheer a little longer and I also hope to recapture some of my soul. Its not the holiday or the kids that kills but the commercialism and the fact that once Halloween is here they are cramming Christmas down my throat. I really use to get annoyed with the "Celebrate the Reason for the Season" commercial, but now I get it. Its not the gifts, the tree, the 2nd Turkey dinner in 30 days but its the celebration of the birth of the lord and the celebration of family and friends.

So my chirstmas wish for this year is that we all remember why we celebrate and take a few things off of our busy list and enjoy some silent nights and some peace on earth

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