Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year?

Its finally time to take down the Christmas decorations and put our ordinary lives back in order. It's one more week until the kids return to the drudgery of school and its time for my husband to start his new job. I will be a solo mommy again with 3 kids to deal with on a daily basis. My preschooler will need to be walked to school everyday and that means the other two get to go along for the ride as well. I am currently 11 weeks pregnant and we have no car so this should be loads of fun. It means that the cooking, cleaning, child care and all are resting on my shoulders; did I mention I am also a full time student. I have no fear of facing these task on my own, I know that its going to be a lot of work and I am actually looking forward to having my house back and doing my own thing. Don't get me wrong my husband tried to help out while he was laid off, but it really messed up my daily schedule and now I have the chance to get everything back on track. I am not crazy enough to think that it will be easy to deal with all by myself, but I am happy to give it a try. Its been a long year and I am very glad that it has finally come to an end. 2009 was to say the least a very interesting year, but I hope that 2010 will bring us some stability that we are all in need of.
Maybe this year I might even learn to ask for Happy New Year may you have peace, love and friendship in the year to come.

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