Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sound Off

Its time again for classes to start and I am in the middle of a scheduling change in my house. Lets just say that things in our little home are very hectic these days. I have class tonight at 7 so I have to be finished with dinner, have the kids bathed and be prepared to sit for two hours with no breaks. My husband started a new schedule today and he had to be at work by 7pm which ment keeping the girls quiet all day and keeping my temper under control while doing so. It was an adventure and I am actually glad the teens where home to help. While dinner is in the oven, I have time to put L1 in the tub and yell at my son for holding the laundry room hostage all day, his clothes have moved into my dryer. Next week we add the kids school schedule into the mix and I hope that I can survive it all. I hope they adjust my husbands schedule or I am going to need to sound proof the house so my hubby can get some rest. Now I am off to finish my long todo list before its time for class. Wish me luck!

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