Friday, January 15, 2010

Too Many Kids

This was the first week back to school and I learned a few things this week. I am not ready to do mommy and me class with both my 1 year old and my 3 year old its just really a lot of work for my pregnant self. I am the least patient person when I am dealing with my husband and my children on the same level in a 24 hour period. If I don't get out of this house with out them at least once a day for at least a few minutes heads will role. Its a lot of work to keep the house running and not lose my sanity but I miss my husband and what help he did give when he was home from work.
I can concede to the fact that being pregnant and having to run after 2 small children is not going to be easy and I might have to ask for help. My biggest lesson learned is that I am not going to be perfect at this and I will have to let some of the things I hold dear to me go. It will not kill anyone if we have pancakes for dinner once in a while. Its OK if the laundry only gets done on the weekend when I have a few people in the house to help watch the kids. Its no big deal if I clean late at night and early in the morning when I can put on my headphones and just go at it like a crazy women.
I want to enjoy my time home with my kids and realizing that if I don't take care of me I can't take care of them is a lesson that every mommy has to not only learn but actually put into practice.

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