Monday, September 21, 2009

Welfare who it really helps

In the last year there has been a large shift in the economy and for that reason unemployment is up and so are applications to state welfare agencies. I have noticed a large amount of post from mothers on various boards looking for assistance and acceptance with the choice they have made to utilize welfare program. I know that in our community a lot more people then usual are using a EBT card to pay for groceries at local stores. Welfare is one of those programs that has often been abused by those who did not need it or those who decided to milk it for all it was worth. There are people who use they system when they actually need it and those people are often lumped with those use take advantage of the system. Truth be told there are people who abuse many system in the country and who are always out to find the shortest way to do everything in their lives. Now there are people who were once living the American dream but who are now just scraping by and welfare is something that is helping them survive. I think before you judge the person in front of you using the food stamp card you should realize that this could be a person who's home was foreclosed on, a person who has a serious medical condition, or a person who is living in hard times like most of us are. It is not reasonable to think that all single mothers are going to be able to work more than one job, since its almost impossible for some to find one. There are young men and women who are raising their children, trying to go to school, and working who the system is helping. Its not always the person who is the abuser who is in front of you. Times are hard and people need to accept that its not going to get any better over night, so don't turn your nose up so quickly because you never know if it might be you or someone you love who has to take that assistant.
As always, my opinion is just that and I write what I observe. This was from an observation at a grocery store.

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