Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Great Escape

In the last 48 hours our 2 year old daughter has learned to open the doors and leave the house.  She has now done this 2 times and the last time was the scariest.  Our doors are not where we can see them easily and surprising  our 2 year is very quiet when she wants to be.  The first day she went outside and since she did not have shoes on and it was 100 degrees she quickly came back inside, because her feet were burning.  Today the weather was a little nicer and she let herself out and went into the street.  A very nice man saw her and quickly got her out of the street and to us safely.  It was a very scary moment to realize that she was not in her room as we had assumed, but outside of our house and could have been seriously harmed or even taken.

The big question was why had she decided to leave the house, it turns out that she was trying to follow her big sister.  She tried to cross the street and get to the church yard where her sister and her friends hang out everyday.  We now have childproof handles on the front door and the kids know from now on to leave out of the side door.  You can hear our side door opening from every room in our house. 

I know that I can not watch her 24/7 and she is a quick little booger, but it would kill me if any harm came to her so I hope this is the end of her outdoor adventures and I pray that we do not go through this when our son reaches 2.  Tonight as she sleeps my husband and I are just happy that she is safe in her bed, in her room, and yes I have checked a few times just to be sure.

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