Sunday, July 18, 2010

A New Leaf

gdiapers are now the full time diaper system at my house.  It took me a few days to get a stash of diapers together and delivered to the house, but I feel it was worth the effort.  I started my look on the gdiaper website and quickly realized that that amount would not fly with my DH who had no use for cloth diapers and feels they are backwards to use now with all the options available.  So I went to eBay and started looking at their prices, not the best I have seen, but I did get the firs half of my stash for $50.00 which included 6 diapers, 12 liners & one full package of liners.  I soon joined a gdiaper yahoo group and learned about diaper swappers, and the gdiaper groups on Baby center & Cafe Mom.  I joined all theses groups and became attached to my iPhone and laptop constantly monitoring boards and my emails for responses.  I also joined @gdiapers on twitter and gdiapers on facebook.  My  second purchase was actually from Facebook gdiaper page and I got 2 diapers for $12.00.  My next few purchase were exclusively from diaper swappers and I have to say I love the way it worked out for us I spend less then $200 on 12 diapers, 20 liners, a package of disposable inserts, 6 gcloths and 30 reusable wipes.  It was kind of fun to set a goal and stick to it for once.  I have a starter pack of diapers and I know that when its time for him to move up to the next size I can resale most if not all of them.  Now if you are in a better financial situation then we currently are I would suggest purchasing the diaper new either on the gdiaper website or several other store like Babies R Us and even Amazon has them and a auto refill option.

I learned that there are tons of people who cloth diapers and there are so many different types that it can be very overwhelming. I had decided to cloth diaper before he was born, but was not sure what system would work best for me.  I decided on gdiaprs because I can use the disposables inserts when my husband changes him, and during the day I can use the gcloths or even prefolds (thanks to many suggestions on each board).  I also learned that I don't have to wash as much because I am not washing the liner each time, I just switch out the liner if it gets soiled.  I am on day 3 of this adventure and I will disclose that at night we still use sposies because I still have some and DH stated we are not letting them go to waste so until he grows out of them or we use them all its our night time routine.  So far my 14 year old DD is the only other person to use the diapers and she said it was easy and had no issue using them.

 I will continue to keep you updated on the use of gdiaper and if the system continues to work for us as his diet changes and if we should experience any leaks or blowouts.  I will admit that I did a lot of research on the gdiaper website and on YouTube, I watch tons of videos on how to use them, suggestions on how to make them work better, and even on how to make them.  Cloth diapering is a commitment that I have made with this child and I hope that I will be able to continue the entire time he is in diapers. 

**A few helpful hints**
Coupons are your friend if you decide or are able to purchase new.

Sign up for the gdiaper newsletter they will let you know when items are on sale in their online store and when new items are being released.

Consignment shops and Craigslist for local purchases work better for those in a large city.  I live in a small town so no luck for me but several ladies on different board have found great deals there.

Just a part of my gdiaper stash

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