Thursday, August 5, 2010

Back to the Grind

In exactly one week my life will turn from late mornings and late nights to early mornings and late nights.  School is creeping upon us and as a parent I am not looking forward to it.  A lot of my friends will be enjoying the quiet and calm that comes with school, that sadly will not be the case at our house.  This year I have 4 kids in school; the one in college still counts.  Not sure what the preschool schedule will be but it will conflict with the kindergarten schedule no matter what.  High school schedule is set in stone and so is the tennis practice and games that I will be missing once again because of my duties as a mommy to little ones.  I walk the girls to school so these will be awesome exercise for me, which means I can drop the 25 pre-baby pounds that I have been battling with for years.  I of course can only think of the horror of shopping for clothes, shopping for supplies, the physicals (2 down 1 to go), the need to get on some kind of schedule to help stabilize my day (fat chance with a newborn). 

At home with me this year will be L3(2) and L4(newborn), which means nothing will be accomplished unless both are sleep.  I plan to continue to participate in the playgroup this year as soon as it starts up, which means 2 days a week my schedule will be even more insane.  I look forward to returning to the group and allowing myself some time to unwind and interact with adults for about an hour. 

Don't get me wrong I love the fact that they are going to school, but I can see the PTA meetings, the parents nights, the parties, the pictures, the yearbooks, the gym clothes and I panic.  I look forward to my daughters first day of preschool and kindergarten and hope that they have a wonderful year.  As the summer winds down, I look forward to art projects and homework know that these are rights of passages that all kids should enjoy.  So as we mark another day off the calendar I say to all the moms with crazy schedules about to impact their lives.  "Buckle your seat belts its going to be a bumpy ride"

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