Sunday, August 22, 2010

Shout out

I have to give a shout out to my friend Jessica, for thinking of me when she was given some medium size gdiapers.  She decided they were not for her but offered them to me to try, it turned out I was already using the gdiaper system but was desperately in need of the medium ones.  It was a true blessing when she called, she gave me several gpants, liners, and the flush able inserts.  I just wanted to remind everyone that passing along an unwanted item can really make someones day.  Remember if you are interested in cloth diapering but do not have the funds, you can always visit diaperswappers, facebook gdiaper pages, and other groups on baby center and mom central and even ebay to search for used items.

Thanks again Jessica you really made not just my day but my month and they are really appreciated and in heavy use. 



  1. How awesome!! You know, God always manages to find a way to meet your needs when you're faithful!! What a wonderful friend-gdiapers aren't cheap!! ;-)

    Found you through the Theta Mom Community-I just joined up!

  2. What a great friend - and welcome to TMC! Glad you joined us!


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