Friday, August 6, 2010

What is Normal?

L2 is our odd child, she has been since the day she was born.  The moment she came into the world I knew she was different and she would play by her own rules.  She is a loving child and a smart child, but I have been worried that something was off with her and so I decided to ask for help.  She had a physical for preschool and after talking to the doctor she was given an appointment with the behavioral specialist.  I want to be able to find out if I am just over reacting or if she is really in need of extra help.  I have vowed to not paint her into a corner or try to define her, I just want to be able to handle it when she has her famous meltdowns and when she goes off on one of her moments.  The doctor said they will work with her twice a week and also help myself and my husband handle her issues so that she is not overwhelmed.  I will let her got to preschool without putting any stigma on her and if issues arise then we will discuss them with the specialist.  This is new territory for me and I hope that I can navigate it with grace and patience.  I look forward to learning about my daughter and learning how to become a better parent for her.  Is there a normal, nope, not really and if there is its definitely not any person in this house.


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