Friday, March 5, 2010

Weekly update for Feb 28- March 6

This past week was crazy and I am glad its over. I have fallen off of the wagon when it comes to being prepared for dinner every night. I have given up on being able to go to my classes on Thursday evening because my kids are just too wild. This week it was cold, wet and just insanity everyday and it felt like no matter what I tried to do it just didn't work. I have decided to change the way I deal with each issue. Meal planning must be done on Sunday if I am to survive the week without going on a bender. Thursday is now craft night for the kids, they will have pages to color, Playdoh, construction paper art, and anything else that I can think of to keep them busy. I am working with my oldest daughter to set up the art center weekly so we can both stop all the yelling that happens and cut down on the stress. My older kids have actually kept up with their chores except on Fridays because my son never comes home on Friday. As we jump into the weekend we hope that next week will be less stress and more productive then last and I hope that I will become a better parent and wife.

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