Thursday, June 10, 2010

Cartoon on the Brain

This weekend I spend a lot of time looking at and thinking about older cartoons. No, not the Bugs Bunny or Looney Tunes but ones that were out when my kids were little or when I was in high school. I have a fondness for shows like Tiny Toons, Pinky and the Brain and even Animaniacs. Its strange how those off beat shows really stick with you. My 2 older children have watched them and know most of the characters, but my younger kids have yet to really see them.

I have decided to make it my new mission to expose them to these shows because they were fun. Not like the cartoons of today that have taken insane to a new level. My 15 year old daughter is a Cartoon Network junkie and I admit that I do watch a lot of shows with her. I admit to enjoying a few shows on Disney XD, my favorite right now is Phineas & Ferb; I even have one of their songs on my Ipod. Its not that cartoons aren't funny anymore I just want to see my kids do more laughing when they watch them.

I remember really looking forward to Saturday cartoons, and that is not the case with my kids. Partly because cartoons now come on everyday and most of the cartoons on during the weekend are "educational". Who wants to be educated on a Saturday? So over the next few months I will be ordering various cartoons to add to our DVD library in the hopes that my children will find something to really laugh at. Maybe when its all said and done, I need something to laugh at and having my kids along for the ride will make it even more special.

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