Saturday, June 26, 2010

Terrible, Terrible 2's

Things at our house have been kind of interesting lately and its only getting worst.  A new baby is one thing, but a busy 2 year old is another.  She has taken on a new persona since dear "Baby Logan" has come home.  Scream and crying is now her new art form and believe me she has super human lungs that will disturb your nerves in only minutes.  Adding a new person to a family is never easy and adding a new person to a 2 year old life is also full of issues. 

She is a beautiful child who is ready to take on the world or at least take it apart.  L3 has been the baby for 2 years now and she played her part well.  Right now we are dealing with the terrible 2's as well as the need to be the center of attention sprinkled with the desire to be potty trained.  Its a hard cocktail to swallow, but its what is being served at house all day everyday.  I find myself losing patients with her because her Independence is unnerving to say the least during the time of shift to our family. 

L3 can be super helpful and down right dangerous in the same moment.  We decided while I was pregnant that she would never be alone with the baby at any point.  So far she has done minimal damage, but not without trying.  More and more everyday she amazes me with her ability to be the strangest, cutest, and silliest child around.  2 is a hard year for not only the adults but also the other children, she has worn out her sibling as well.  We have all decided that we will give her the chance to turn 3.  Yes she will continue to grow and change and amaze us and surprise us each day, but we hope that she will run out of some of her energy soon before we are all completely exhausted and unable to keep up with her. 

Loving, learning and looking forward to growing with her.

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