Sunday, June 13, 2010

A stressful joy

Logan is home and we are all thrilled that he is happy, healthy and one good looking little guy.  Things at our house have been crazy since the moment we stepped in the house with him.  In the past few nights I have had a limited amount of sleep and that's to be expected.  Our 3 youngest daughters cant seem to get enough of "baby Logan" at some point they will get bored of him but as of now they want to see him all day long.  Its cute, annoying and hard to handle when 3 girls all want to love on him at the same time.  My two teens are a different story, my 15 year old DD thinks he sounds like a cat when he cries and finds the fact that he wears preemie diapers to be really cute.  My 18 year old DS is worried about going off to college and as only spent a small amount of time with his "little bro" but he did note that this is the smallest baby he has ever seen. 

My original plan was to have a nursery ready, and to be totally prepared to welcome him home with a scheduled and organized life.  Not going to happen, I can only hope to be able to remember to feed everyone daily and hope that someone will have pity on me and help with the cleaning.  Best laid plans have gone to the way side and I just think we will have to go on the fly and hope for the best.

In the big picture yes my home is full of chaos, but it was pretty much that way before he was born.  Is it going to be hectic, yep and that is the way I like it.  I know that it might take some time but there will be a routine at some point and it wont be sleepless nights and cranky days forever.  All my kids are home and that is something that brings me a joy that I have never felt.  3 wks and 4 days was a long time to wait for him to come home and now that he is here I will enjoy all the beautiful, crazy, insane, funny, moments that are all part of my family and my family life. 


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