Friday, June 18, 2010

The first full week of having all the kids at home was overwhelming to say the very least.  Its not easy to juggle all the ball I had in the air and I have to admit that I am very tired. The baby is doing great he has even gained a few ounces while being at home.  We had two doctors appointments this week and we have a total of 4 next week.  My teen dd went to camp on Friday and will not return until Sunday, its a academic camp and I hope she learns something.  My son found out that college might not be in his future at least not the one he wanted to go to.  I think I can talk him into a local college at least for one year, but he keeps talking about the military.  My husband returned to work and learned that he can sleep while the children are screaming and playing during the day. 

The next few weeks I am sure will give me a chance to get into grove and be able to handle all the kids at one time.  I have to be stronger with the girls and their lack of patience when I am busy with the baby.  I have also learned the best think to do is involve the girls in the diaper changing process as much as I can.  I have also made an effort to give each girl their own time even if just a few minutes of snuggle and kissing to make sure that they know they are still important and still love. 

The only thing I am really having issue with beside the lack of sleep is finding time to do my homework with out 500 interruptions.  I guess I will have to go with my original ideal of only doing homework when someone else is at the house or when all the little kids are sleep.  It means that I get less sleep, didn't think that was possible.  Best strategy so far is to keep a week ahead in my classes so that when I have off days it wont impact my grade.

As of yesterday Logan is one month old and our life is so much different then it was 30 days ago.  I thank God everyday for all the blessing he has given us and for allowing my sweet little boy to come home. 


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