Saturday, May 22, 2010

Welcome to our newest member

During the first week of my new babies life things have been very crazy.  Logan R. Norman was born on Monday and transferred to a hospital over an hour away.  It has been very difficult for myself and my husband to travel there each day not just because of money but because of our other obligation. 

Our youngest children still need us to be here for them and that has been the hardest thing to handle.  I am trying to be in two places at once and its just not working.  The recommendation from the doctors is for me to rest and take it easy for 2 weeks.  Not really something that I can do while running back and forth to the hospital and trying to keep life normal for the little ones who are at home. 

My teens have not been the best help during this trying time and that has added to my stress.  Money is a major issue right now because my husband is not working in order to help me keep the house running and being able to transport me to the hospital.  My stress level needs to stay low in order for me to keep up my ability to produce milk. 

Trying to keep a store of milk for my little man is a lot of work as many of you know.  Its not easy to build up a supply while your baby is so far away.  I am working on pumping every 2 hours but it just seems to be impossible to stay on a schedule.  I know that its only been a few days and I hope that things settle down a little in the days to come.  My biggest happiness is that my son is OK and has very few issues and I hope that it remains that way.  I also am grateful for my health at this time, now all I need is some way to keep my sanity until they baby comes home and then of course I will lose it again. 

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